Classes With TerriAnne

Classes With TerriAnne

The “Teacher’s Teacher”

TerriAnne has been teaching Belly Dance in Sonoma County for over 30 years. Many of her students have gone on to earn their living as professional dancers in the genre of Belly Dance, as well as forming their own troupes and dance schools.

Some of them you may know;

  • Kajira, author of Tribal Bible and director and founder of Black Sheep Belly Dance
  • Tracy Windisch, director of Troup Satya
  • Elana director of Raks Rosa
  • Nadira, director of Serpent Grove
  • Molly, director of Troupe Jasmir
  • April, of The Three Sisters dance company
  • Angelena, singer, dancer, musician and director of Boudicca
  • Ashera, director of “Zilly Girls”!

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